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We've simplified the process to get free access to Daybreak through your health provider. If the postcode you used when registering for Daybreak is in one of our PHN regions, free access will be granted automatically. If this doesn't work or you input the wrong postcode please email and include "FREE ACCESS CODE HELP" in the subject line and we'll organise it all for you.

Try Daybreak for free and receive immediate access to our evidence-based features, experienced health coaches, and supportive community. Download for Android or iPhone. The program is free for selected PHNs in Australia or AUD $9.99/month if payed annually for individuals.

An app by Hello Sunday Morning

Daybreak is a mobile app designed to help you reduce your alcohol consumption and better manage any stresses or challenges in your life.

Health coaching

Unlimited access to trained health coaches through instant messaging.

Healthy choices

Simple choices that allow you to personalise your journey towards better physical and mental wellbeing.

Weekly Reviews

Motivating weekend reviews that allow you to monitor what’s working best for you.

Supportive Community

Make personal connections and follow the journeys of others. Together we are stronger.

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